Super Energetic! The Collision of Youth and Technology! Huamei International School's Creation Festival and Psychology Festival Grandly Opens!


Super Energetic!


The annual Huamei Creation Festival and Psychology Festival has opened!


Guangzhou Tianhe District Education Bureau's Deputy Director Wang Jianhui (third from right) attended the opening ceremony of the 25th Creation Festival and Psychology Festival at Huamei School.

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This is a collision of youth and technology!


Youthful exuberance fills the air as students of Huamei School ignite this festival brimming with imagination.


Student representative Li Fang, science and innovation teacher representative Xue Jungong, and psychology teacher representative Du Hao delivered speeches as representatives of teachers and students.


Dr. Chen Feng, Principal of Huamei International School, delivered the opening speech for the 25th Creation Festival and Psychology Festival, encouraging students to learn, experiment scientifically, and innovate bravely, constantly breaking through and surpassing themselves.


Super cool robots! We achieved 15th place in the world and 4th place in the division finals at the VEX World Championship!


Have you mastered the cool operation of drones?


From principles to practice, live demonstration by Huamei's experimental enthusiasts!


Super cool! Have you won against AI?


Get ready, let's 3D print together!


Big Bang~ The spark of collision between technology and creation at Huamei!


From small technological creations to computer art design, each piece embodies the creativity and sweat of Huamei's youth. "Artificial Intelligence," "Space Exploration"... The works created by Huamei students not only showcase their scientific and innovative thinking but also their profound understanding of social responsibility.


Imagination! Let's change the world together


Imagination painting! Every child is a great storyteller! Each stroke, every idea, like seeds, takes root and sprouts in the hearts of children. Huamei's "Imagination Painting" turns imagination into a dream ship, setting sail from Huamei!

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Every child is a great storyteller, put your story in your pocket, and let love and creation continue to resonate.


Want to soar into the sky? Get high with Megatron!


Psychological Garden Party!


At Huamei, let's embark on a journey of the soul!


Entering the Wisdom Building feels like stepping into a youthful space filled with a sense of technology. Children gather around the "Qingting" intelligent psychological confession booth, curiously conversing with the machine, experiencing emotional intelligent recognition.


Children move through various game booths, laughter echoing around. They display wisdom in psychological knowledge quizzes, learn to cooperate in team games, and experience different lives in role-playing. This is not only a feast of games but also a baptism of the soul.


In front of various psychological knowledge boards, they ponder or discuss, each mental health knowledge board becomes a window for them to explore themselves.


Recognize people through paintings!


Use the brush to depict the inner world, let the psychology teacher take you on a wonderful journey of self-exploration.


Adopt a happy little dog!


Share your happiness and take away a piece of warmth. Leave your footprint on the happy little things board, let happiness be passed on to more people.


Emotional little superhero, cosmic explosion!


Imitate the expression map, release your emotions! Whether it's a personal challenge or team cooperation, completing the challenge can get a lottery opportunity, surprises continue, waiting for you to fight!


Romantic Time Post Office


Write a letter to your future self, record the dreams and hopes of this moment. Let us witness the miracle of growth together.


This is a feast of the soul for Huamei students, a journey of self-discovery.


Psychology Lecture!


Use cognitive laws for efficient learning,


Charge your brain!


You Jia Ning


Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of the School of Psychology at South China Normal University;


Member of the National Youth Federation, Guangdong Provincial Youth Federation;


Joint leader of the Chinese team on Jiangsu Satellite TV's "The Brain";


Guest on CCTV's "China Youth Speak".


As students enter higher grades, many feel that learning is becoming more difficult; some students have worked very hard but still have little effect. This is because students cannot correctly use cognitive laws and use appropriate learning methods for different learning content. Professor You Jia Ning's lecture helps students understand cognitive laws, learn to use appropriate learning methods for different learning materials, and will also share tips for efficient learning.


Science Lecture!

From Geographical Science to the Continuity of Humanity,

Understanding Our World!


Professor Wu Zhifeng

Dean of the School of Geographical Science and Remote Sensing at Guangzhou University,

Director of the Guangdong Provincial Geographical National Condition Monitoring and Comprehensive Analysis Engineering Technology Research Center,

Vice Chairman of the Cartography and GIS Committee of the Geographical Society of China,

Executive Member of the Chinese Remote Sensing Committee.


Professor Wu Zhifeng unveils the magnificent history of our planet, from the early rock formations to the complex ecosystems of today. He narrates how Earth has nurtured a diversity of life forms and how human civilization has flourished on this blue planet. Since ancient times, the mountains, rivers, and oceans of Earth have been the backdrop of human stories and the foundation of our culture and technological development.


Over time, humanity has learned to interpret Earth's language, extracting knowledge and resources to support our growth and prosperity. Civilization, like the mountains of Earth, has undergone countless changes and evolutions, yet it remains intimately connected to our planet. Earth science not only helps us comprehend the past but also illuminates the path to our future, reminding us to cherish and protect our singular home. It is a beautiful testament to the enduring narrative of Earth science and human civilization—a perpetual story of survival, development, and symbiosis.


The 5.25 Creation Festival and Psychology Festival at Huamei General Middle School is more than just a feast for mental health; it is a spiritual cleansing.


Here, every member of the Huamei community is the protagonist, and every moment is worth commemorating. Let us look forward to more brilliance and touching moments at Huamei.