Message from the Principal

Huamei is Your

Garden Paradise School Home


In fact all children are naturally curious and talented.


Therefore in Huamei, we encourage exploration and guide our students to learn how to learn and then love learning.


Huamei is boasted of a forest campus. Here, the students will make introduction plates for every tree to list its attributes.They will also "prescribe”  constructive "treatment" methods for sick trees. The Pupils will do gardening work in Huamei Farming Base, and observe little squirrels closely in Huamei Ecological Park, and write down their observation diaries. Huamei kindergarten kids will run on the grass to feel and explore the nature of the wind.


Huamei is a paradise school dominated by students. Each child will have an individualized study plan. We encourage them to take risks, to try anything they are interested so as to explore their potentials. This way, they will well adapt for the changing future and create a better world.


Every Huamei student will be noble-minded.


Huamei is an international school with Chinese roots, where eastern and western educational civilizations converge. Every Huamei student will be influenced by the world culture. Senior high school students will tell stories and play games together with the kids in the Huamei Kindergarten. Huamei pupils will learn from the chef to make dishes from tomatoes, cucumbers, and shallots they themselves plant. They will share the delicious cuisine they make with school safe guards and teachers in Huamei community. They learn to eat healthily and care for others at the same time.

Each Huamei student will be self-reliant, with the spirit of independence.


In Huamei, the students learn to plan their own study and life since they are very young. Each of them can take good care of themselves, organize their personal things, and care for each other. Such a good habit will benefit them a lifetime.


Huamei students will be adventurous and innovative.


Huamei is a national rock climbing school and football school. We encourage children to bravely challenge themselves. Huamei teenagers can build their own robots and kindergarten kids can try carpentry in the mortise and tenon workshop. We encourage them to turn their imaginations into reality with their brains and hands.


We hope our children will be world-citizens and willing to take responsibilities.


Huamei school is a large community, and every student is a trusted Huamei citizen. The students can choose their own courses, study papers, and conduct interviews, and present their research reports to fellow students. Whether it is the treatment of depression or discussion about the international situation, we all carefully listen to their voices. We believe, in the future, they will surely stand on a higher world stage to create a better world.


This is how Huamei students should look like: a world citizen and a smart learner, who is noble-minded,self-reliant, responsible, and innovative.


In Huameiwe are practicing integrity, developing philanthropy, pursuing virtue, and seeking truth. Each teacher is a partner to accompany the students growth. We cultivate lifelong learners with international perspectives, and global leaders with national and cultural identities.


Join us, we expect you to explore and discover more beauty of Huamei.