Hello, I am the English IB Integrated Class of Huamei Kindergarten!


Great news!


At the strong request of parents at Huamei,


The English IB Integrated Class of Huamei Kindergarten


is now open!

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Your child can have the following with just one click:




Fully immersed in English all day long, with a full-day international golden standard education and daily pick-up and drop-off.


My Hobbies: Full-day English immersion + IB PYP! I love creating an immersive IB inquiry experience in English for our babies!

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Start Time: September


Suitable Age: 2.5-6 years old


Integrated Small Class: 18 students


Integrated Middle Class: 22 students


Integrated Large Class: 24 students


Our Faculty:


·International Homeroom Teacher: Native English speakers with rich experience in IB teaching, and professional second language teachers with TEFL/TESOL/TKT qualifications.


·Chinese Homeroom Teacher: Years of experience as a homeroom teacher in international schools, outstanding bilingual skills, and IB teaching qualifications.


·Chinese English Teacher: Rich experience in bilingual teaching, assisting foreign teachers in organizing ESL/Phonics and other teaching activities.


·Assistants: Combining care and education, assisting in educational and childcare work, with experience and a sense of responsibility.


My Unique Personality: A Blend of Eastern and Western Cultures for Optimal Development


Unlike common practices where foreign teachers only lead classes for half a day, The English IB Integrated Class of Huamei Kindergarten is led all day by foreign teachers whose mother tongue is English and who have experience as homeroom teachers in international schools. This provides ample language input and opportunities to practice fluency.


While creating a relaxed atmosphere, context, interaction, and play, we foster a 360° immersive international kindergarten English education environment through environmental arrangements, daily life conversations, group cooperative learning, and independent exploration. This broadens our children's horizons and develops their cross-cultural cognition and basic communication skills.


My Best Subjects:


In The English IB Integrated Class of Huamei Kindergarten, children will cultivate core literacy and abilities through bilingual inquiry, scientific experiments, mathematical logic games, and other activities, laying a solid foundation for future learning and life.


English Curriculum:


Language Curriculum

ESL Teaching


Graded Reading

English Theme Inquiry (UOI)

Cantonese & Nursery Rhymes

Chinese Culture & Poetry

Science Experiments

Programming Course (for Senior Class)




PSPE Class

Life Skills

Physical Activities:





Labor and Food Education:


Labor Course

Food Education

Self-care Course

Transition Curriculum:

Seamless connection to primary school with our independent research, primary school teaching, and single-subject teaching.


Additional Courses:

Golf, ballet, equestrian, martial arts... Nearly a hundred quality education courses are available.


Join Us:

We provide a one-stop education experience with nearly a hundred quality education courses.


Cultivating Future Citizens with Healthy Bodies and Rich Minds


At Huamei Kindergarten, our Chinese and foreign teachers communicate and provide feedback to parents weekly, offering better support for our children's growth. Not only do our children become more fluent and proficient in language skills, but they also frequently experience different cultural exchanges. This interaction helps cultivate their international perspective, multicultural understanding, and basic communication skills.


As an IB PYP kindergarten, Huamei Kindergarten adheres to the educational philosophy of "combining Eastern and Western cultures for optimal development," focusing on "cultivating future citizens with healthy bodies and rich minds." We create a warm and open educational environment, offering professional and suitable diversified courses. In addition to having over 30 years of educational history and a leading international education system with the IB PYP, we also provide comprehensive 24-hour care and medical services to promote the overall harmonious development of our children's physical and mental health.


Our teaching team at Huamei Kindergarten is professional and stable, promoting the children's development and growth through a variety of activities. Based on teaching objectives, we have established a systematic English assessment system, further evaluating children's English abilities through various strategies and tools. Graduates of Huamei Kindergarten are not only fluent and pure in English but also have an understanding of multiculturalism and basic communication skills.


If you wish for your child to grow up happily in an open, diverse, and international educational environment, Huamei Kindergarten is your best choice!