Campus Services

Campus Views

The school has first-class facilities, including teaching buildings,the Wisdom Building, dormitory buildings, sports centers, the Elephant Plaza, a library, reading rooms, ceramic art workshops, recording and broadcasting rooms, a school clinic, etc. The school is also equipped with gym, a 25 x 50 meters standard swimming pool, several independent piano rooms, 400 meters standard track, basketball courts with a total area of nearly 10000 square meters, a professional rock-climbing wall, a golf driving range, an indoor simulated golf room, volleyball courts, badminton courts, table tennis rooms, professional dance rooms, calligraphy art rooms, music rooms, drama rooms, and art rooms. Professional nutritionists, care takers, inspectors, Chinese and Western food chefs in the School are working together on daily basis to ensure the students’ health and growth.



Huamei Student Canteen is a Grade A canteen in Guangdong Province. The canteen covers an area of over 8000 square meters with more than 3500 dining seats, and over 30% of the chefs are of the highest grade. We have specially appointed nutrition experts from Zhongshan Medical University to provide guiding meal arrangements, offering each Huamei student a nutritious and delicious six-meals-a-day service. Main meals come with more than ten options to choose from, complemented by snacks, afternoon refreshments, and late-night meals. The cuisine alternates between Chinese and Western styles with a rich variety, meeting diverse needs and safeguarding the healthy growth of Huamei students.

Fook Lam Moon
Xin Yi
Frozen Food
Brite、Yili、Mengniu Dairy Group
Green Vegetables Base
Ping Yuan

School Uniform

Huamei School uniform is deemed as “the most beautiful school uniform in Guangzhou”. There are seven sets of uniform for four seasons, including two winter uniforms, two summer ones and three spring and autumn ones.They are designed by top fashion designers and carefully sewn by a first-class school uniform manufacturer with strictly reviewed top fabrics . 


The school uniform is not only a symbol as a member of the school, but also the showcase of the campus culture. Huamei uniforms represent the values and quality of Huamei education community, the style and pursuit of Huamei students. Huamei uniforms endow Huamei students with collective consciousness, sense of belonging and pride, displaying their self-discipline and respect for rules.


The changed school uniforms are registered and sorted by life teachers and sent to the laundry room. It works around the clock to wash, disinfect and dry the clothes, the bed linings and daily necessities for all students.


Security: Huamei is a “Model School Governed by Law” recognized by the Ministry of Education. It is also the “Safe and Civilized Campus in Guangzhou”. The security guards are on duty 24 hours a day, with the surveillance camera on all the time.

Comfort: The student dormitory building is surrounded by green trees and fresh air. The students will be each offered with more than 30 items of daily necessities while checking in, which make them feel at home.

Refined Management: a full-time supervisor is assigned to each class to manage and serve the students 24 hours a day with the night shift. Hence, the students can live a full and organized life every day, which helps them form an excellent quality of independence and self-reliance in the long run.

School Bus

School bus service: Over 100 school buses running “point to point” service with tracking system throughout. The school bus transportation network covers Guangzhou and major regions and cities of the Pearl River Delta.


Convenient public transportation is around the School, where Longdong and Kemulang Metro Stations are nearby, with a bus stop at the school gate.

School Infirmary

The health professionals from the Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University are stationed in Huamei to perform their duties as school doctors day and night. They provide a no-holiday outpatient service and 24-hour medical security for Huamei teachers and students, and set up a "green pathway" unit for 24-hour accidental injury treatment to guide hospital transfer.