our π day
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                                                                              π day

March 14 at 15:9:26, you might think about - π. π day is a special day to celebrate π.


The GIA program of the international middle school of China and America English experimental school held the π day math festival last week. The concept of π has a long history in the history of human civilization.


The official poster of this activity was also designed and selected by students. Each student took part in the design and tried to incorporate mathematical elements. In the school day, the students to the community as a unit


The ultimate big challenge is the product of recitation to be recorded on the school record. This year's record is the highest blue club No.1 group of students Zhang Xuyu, grades are 115 decimal point! In the last one hour, the final victory by the yellow No.1 group!


In the process of enjoying mathematics, experience the wonderful mathematics is our original intention. After the activity, each student and teacher got their own "pie" and enjoyed their own pie. The top three groups received a large "Pi zza" (pizza) as a prize.


In cheers and laughter, GIA the first π section drew a satisfactory full stop.


How many sweets did you take? We also have a wisdom link, attracted a lot of primary school students to participate in the answer. They have high concentration and problem solving skills. Mathematicians of the future!

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