The Book that Influences You Most
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The Book that Influences You Most

 by Shi Zhaoyuan 

My name is Candice from senior 2 class 6, Today, The topic of my speech is “The book that influences you most”.

I believe that many people have books that affect their lives. The book may be "How Steel Was Made" or "Three Kingdoms." The books that have influenced my life are the British writer Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”.

When I first started reading this book, I was not only fascinated by the love stories of Darcy and Elizabeth, but also attracted by the liveliness of the English countryside's middle-class daily life and beautiful pastoral scenery. A few years later, when I read this again, I have a deeper understanding of the social background and the character of the characters that are shown in the book. This book made me realize many things when I was growing up. Both sides of the book pay attention to wealth and status when choosing between marriages, rather than respecting their own love. All kinds of unhappiness and conflicts after marriage

Love and dignity are the central words surrounding this book.

This book’s People: Darcy and Elizabeth teaches me more about learning to respect my own ideas , be confidence and love myself, Do everything should be thoughtfully and keeping reason. in contrast, Jane and Bingley cautioned me not to be shy to express and be self-conscious. Because this personality does not have its own ideas, their idea of being easily influenced by others.

Therefore ,what we should do is to find our own goals, to understand what we really want to do, and to walk firmly.

The book's impact on me is: self-esteem, self-confidence, choice, and firm belief.



Comments: Concise and well-organized book review with clear focus on the aspect of the main character’s personality that has influenced the author------Scarlett’s strong will with firm belief that helps her survive the hardship of the war and that helps the author shape what she is now. (By Yang Mingguang)


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