March 2019 IB inKindergarten Welcome Back!
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March 2019 IB inKindergarten

Welcome Back!

------ Ferushca Rania

Huamei staffhopes that everyone had a great holiday and welcomes back old and new studentsfor semester two. At Huamei everyone is welcome with open arms. Being a newteacher at Huamei Kindergarten has been great. Everyone has been verywelcoming and helpful. I am excited to further my teaching and make greatmemories with everyone. During March 2019 the Kindergarten was assigned withmany successful IB activities that were incorporated by the teachers andstudents. The kindergarten is always full of fun learning, excitement andmemories.

IB: How we express ourselves

Juniors: Imaginative use of materials

Our Junior classes learnt how to use different vocabularyto communicate while playing games. Students review command language that is usedduring games,  build obstacle course andseparate class in teams and  use teams work ,communicate together to be thewinning team. They also learnt how to play with others.Students also distinguish between games that can be played indoors versusoutdoors. They had to decide which games were suited for indoors and which are best foroutdoors.Students really enjoyedbeing active and playing with each other.






Mediums: Various ways of performing a story

Medium classes learnt about “THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR” story. Students were able to understand thestory “THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR”. They are able to tell and perform thestory through a game.  They are also able to answer questions about the story when asked and able toarrange photos in order according to the story. Overall students enjoyedperforming and playing the   “THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR”.  






Senior andConnections: Patterns of growth

For our senior class students they hadto learn about different life cycles of animals (Butterfly, Ant, Bee, Fly,Ladybug, Mosquito and Silkworm). Students were able to watch videos of how animals change form through growth,learn vocabulary related to growth, were able to place in the right order thegrowth process of living things and being, able to describe the growing processon the worksheets. Lastly, senior class also learnt the “THE VERY HUNGRYCATERPILLAR” story. They were able to tell the story and perform the storythrough a game. The students enjoyed watching differentlife cycles of animals.





All studentsfully enjoyed their previous learning and all of thestudents have been putting great effort into learning. There are more excitingactivities that will happen …Stay tuned ! 

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