My Luck in HuaMei School
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My Luck in HuaMei School

by Caixiaofen

   My name is Caixiaofen, the English teacher and the class teacher of Class 2 Junior 3. I have been working here for about 3 years. It seems like just yesterday that I resigned the job of public senior high school in my hometown and left for Guangzhou Huamei International School. To be honest, like most people in a new environment, the first few weeks were even more nervous since I didn’t get used to working in a private school. It is the warm smiles and eagerness from workmates that help me out in any possible way. I still remember the Director of Shi helped me prepare my first opening lesson in Huamei patiently. She also encouraged me to work hard to make more progress. After a half year, I was chosen to be the head teacher of Cambridge Class. I was not only excited but also nervous. However, I got used to having busy work as a class teacher with the selfless help from Ximi and other colleagues in my office. What’s more, we also have “Mentoring” which is a project to help young teacher make progress quickly and get used to teaching in HuaMei easily. Because of this project, I can do much better in teaching now.

  I am delighted that the leader trusts me and gives me the opportunity to be a class teacher of Junior 3. So I will make good use of this chance and work hard to achieve my own personal goals as well as give a satisfying answer to those who help me and trust me. Millions of thank to HuaMei.

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