Growing Up in Huamei
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  Growing Up in Huamei

    by 学生:张菀晴   指导老师:王敏

Time flies like an arrow. I have been Huamei for seven years. Although I repeat the same thing every day, I never feel bored and tired. 

I’m very thankful for the encouragement of the schoolmates and teachers in Huamei.

When I was in kindergarten, I was a very quiet. I just nodded and shook my head and said, "yes”,”no”,”I don't know". When I was first grader,  I was so homesick that I cried a lot every night. Fortunately, many schoolmates had been comforting me: "Everyone misses his or her mother very much." "Don't cry, we'll play with you." "I have milk, do you wanna drink it? Don't cry. " "Are you all right?" Such common words  smoothed me down. 

I tried to blend in them and talk happily with them at night. When the teacher came we stop and silence but when the teacher left and then continued to talk again … 


Night passed soon.

 "When I get through the night, I believe I can sleep well thousands of nights without parents but with classmates." This, of course, was only what I thought , and it is now undoubtedly a reality.

Not only in the dormitory, I have also changed a lot in the classroom. 

It also started at first grade. At that time, I was a very timid and even can’t speak alone. A show or play is so hard for me either. 

I dare not to talk with others, and I don't want others to ask me too much. Other classmates are divided into several parts: read in groups, answer questions personally, and talk to our favorites. But I have only one part: collective reading.  I dare not speak alone in class, and I can't find anyone who can talk to me. Who knows that my deepest heart is a cheerful girl? 

"If you don't say it, no one will know. You say it, at least they know what's going on." "How beautiful you are, Why don’t you say anything in class? Take it easy. No one will laugh at you." 

"You're smart. You can't be wrong in answering questions!"

These are all the words the teachers told me. 

These words certainly helped me in such a situation. I also began to believe in myself. The first question I answered in class was: what is self-confidence? "Self-confidence is the courage to answer questions like everyone else. Uh... Is to have faith in yourself! " 

That's what I said. At that time, the teacher also rewarded me with a little safflower!

Huamei is really a good school. I grow up in happiness learn much knowledge here. I love you Huamei !


【You’ve improved a lot. I’m sure you can be a better student and make more friends. There is nothing too difficult for you to do. You are the pride of our class.】

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