The Reaction of Begging
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The Reaction of Begging

by 五(3)班尹鹏程

A beggar was going to the house of a rich man.

When he arrived at the rich man's home, he knocked on the door.

The rich man heard the knocking and rushed over to open the door.

The beggar made a pitiful appearance and begged: "Sir, I haven't eaten for three days. Can you give me some food?"

The Rich man saw this and gave him some food and water immediately.

He said: "Take them and become well."

The beggar ran to the opposite lawn in ecstasy began to eat and drink.

The next day, the beggar came to beg again. He saw the rich man was reading at the door.

The beggar shook his broken bowl and said: "Sir, I'm cold now. Can you give me some clothes?"

The rich man looked at him and showed mercy. He gave him some clothes and coats.

The beggar thanked the rich man and turned around grinned for a long time.

On the third day, the beggar came to look for the rich man again.

But this time, there is no one at the rich man's home.

At the same time, another beggar appeared in front of the rich man's house.

He was wearing ragged clothes and handing a broken bowl, he was not at all like a rich man.

The first beggar walked over and looked at him. "You were the rich man!" The beggar exclaimed.

The beggar was very surprised, he went forward and asked him the reason.

The rich man said: "Reason......Isn't that you?"

To give money to the beggars sometimes amounts to encourage begging!




Student wrote a very good story. He used some new words and different sentence patterns. After reading this story, we know that to give money to the beggars sometimes amounts to encourage begging. We can teach the beggars some skills or help them to find jobs so that they can earn some money. If we only give them what they want, they will beg again and again.


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