Resource Support Program at HBIC
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                                                                                         By Jason Schwartz, Vice Principal 

The idea of a specific resource-based program was the concerted and planned efforts of the Canadian Administration to support the students in a way to enhance and increase their level of English exposure in a small teacher to student ratio setting.  Once implemented, we understood that the needs of extra student support could be provided in every course and this is why that beginning this school year we have had all our staff available during a common time each day to support our students.



Resource Support at HBIC


The resource support, offered by our dedicated professional teachers, have been quite successful in supporting all student learning abiities individually or small groups.  The teachers take time out of their personal schedule to offer this service to all their students willing to accept the extra help who maybe having difficulty understanding certain concepts or require remedial support.  Tailoring the individual students needs to meet success in the course(s) that the student is experiencing academic difficulty is the key focus of and goal for each student entering the resource program.  Some students require a few extra sessions of support whereas others require a few more – it all depends on what help is needed for the student to achieve academic success.


A student can request to attend the session(s) or a teacher can suggest that the student participate in the extra time with them between 1:15 – 2:25 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday’s in a classroom with the subject specific teacher to increase their exposure to the content.  With this type of extra help it allows for individuals to gain confidence which often leads to academic success.  It has been tremendous to see that since the beginning of the school year that over 100 students have accepted the extra support from their teachers to help them increase their overall marks and confidence in their courses.  



Detention at HBIC


Often times detention is seen as a negative experience for students.  At HBIC we want all students to gain confidence and build the necessary skill sets in order to be successful young people in society once they graduate.  So, if a student fails to meet the expectations or breaks the rules of the school or does not change their negative behaviours after teachers have attempted to support, guide and talk with the students on multiple occasions then the option we have created is one called detention.  This is a time where a student will be with a teacher from 1:15 – 2:25 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the detention room working on building their skill sets to be better citizens and working through their difficult challenges.  The program is designed to have a students work in a small group or individually with the detention room teacher to promote success in their lives.  We hope that the student will take this experience as an opportunity to change their behaviours in a positive way so that they do not have to repeat being asked to attend the detention program.  The principal or vice principal are actively involved in talking to each person in detention to help them create a solid plan of action for a successful return to class.  If a student chooses to ignore these options provided by being absent or voicing their unwillingness to change their behaviours then the school must look at alternative options which include suspension or expulsion (depending on the severity of the situation) which is a last resort after every opportunity is provided to the student to change their behaviour and begin the re-entry process.


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