No more Mars
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by Senior 1 class 1 Fan Haoyang

How and why can we live on the Earth? Have you ever thought about this question? Maybe everyone did. We know that without oxygen we can’t live. We also know water plays the second necessary role in our lives, because a person will die, if he doesn’t drink water for 7 days. However, these are unilateral - the conditions for survival are stricter than we imagine. One is temperature, the other is standard atmosphere. Humans can’t endure high temperature or they will have some untoward reaction such as headache. The atmosphere around the planet can protect us from the damage of radiation that is being released by the Sun which is always exploding.

Many scientists speculate that Mars is possible for us to live. The research shows that water exists on Mars. That is the main reason why Mars has a high possibility for us to stay on.

For others reasons, the distance from Mars to the Sun. The mass of Mars is also similar to that of the Earth. However, our technology is underdeveloped - we are unable to reach places that are far from us. So, it seems Mars is the best choice.

Question: if one day the Earth is completely exhaustedn and we have to choose one planet to stay on, which one would you choose? (except for Mars or Earth) 

Tips: you can observe the distance from the planets to the Sun, as well as the shape of the planets in the illustration above.

Mercury? Mercury isn’t a good choice because it is too close to the Sun. The temperature is too high, so we can’t endure. Itisjustlikeifwestayinanoven-wewill turn to fried meats eventually.

Venus? Although Venus’s mass is similar to the Earth’s, its temperature is a little bit higher. There are also some substances like sulphuric acid that make up clouds and it is dangerous to us.

Jupiter? It seems like a good idea, but actually, Jupiter is a gas planet, humans can’t even stand on Jupiter, they will float everywhere. 

What’s more, Jupiter always has storms, they are many times stronger than typhoons.

Saturn? “Oh, it is the most beautiful planet among those, so I’d want to choose it”, but that’s a very childish thought. Saturn is the same as Jupiter - it is a gas planet too. It is also extremely cold there, because of the distance from it to the Sun.

Uranus? Uranus has water, which is good, but humans still can’t inhabitate it. Uranus is the coldest planet among all: the lowest temperature can drop down to -224°C. So humans will freeze instantly.

Neptune? First, it is too far from the Earth and it is too difficult to migrate to it. Also, it has a low temperature. There is no atmosphere around it, so it can’t protect us. According to all the research results, we know that almost all planets are not good choices. So how can we solve the problem?

One is to protect the Earth first. Don’t do anything that hurts our planet, such as littering and polluting and try to recycle and reuse energy.

Second, scientists actually found some places where humans can possibly find a natural habitat. They are: 

1.Gliese 581g

2.Gliese 661Cc


4.HD 85512b

5.Cliese 581d

These are the names of those planets. If you are interested to know more about them, you can search the internet, but we still face the problem of “how can we get there?” - our technology still needs to improve. 

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