Me, Myself & I
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 by Senior 2 Class 5 Xu Jiyuan

Everyone plays a different role in different situations, everyone has a personality that is relatively stable once it's formed, but it's not set in stone. For example, when I am at school, I am a student for my teachers. I have to attend classes and finish my homework, but for my classmates, I am their friend. We can share happiness and solve difficulties together. This is me at school. 

At home, I am the son of my parents. It is different from being cheerful and strong as I am at school; at home, sometimes I am weak. At 

home sometime I rely on my parents, I might be a little naughty, but at school I usually behave mature. It's all real me and it's just the way people behave in different places.

This is me - I'm different for everyone, maybe I behave differently on different occasions, but those are all the real sides of me. Everyone has different selves in different places - it doesn't mean you're a psychopath or a hypocrite because everybody is like that - everybody has a different personality.

In the face of strangers, friends, bosses, relatives and so on, people will show themselves differently. As in my own example above, usually, people show their teachers or bosses that they are serious and responsible, but at home people tend to be lazy and more relaxed and outgoing in front of their friends. Both these manifestations are normal.

Based on a psychological study, a human mind is divided into three parts: IDego and superego. ID represents desire, ego deals with the real world, and superego represents conscience or internal moral judgment. Humans in some ways are machines with different systems. In summary, this is me, myself and I. 

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