Students' writing in Dec.
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I like the city life

By Felix from class 8 grade 6

My name is Felix. I love living in the city very much because the city is big and modern. And the public traffic is very convenient. There are many cinemas and supermarkets. The streets in city are wide and clean. And my school is big and modern. I really love then city life.

(Teacher’s opinion: This pupil can use what he learnt in the textbook to talk about the city he lives. And he can use the sentence structure: there be... correctly. And the adjectives he uses is pretty good.)指导教师:李艳华



The most important things in our life

By Lisa from Primary school

What is the most important things in our life?

Of cause, it is health. For a person, no health means you have nothing.

Now, we all want to be healthy. So what can we do to stay healthy? In fact, we only do the following simple things is OK.

First, get plenty of sleep, at least 8 hours each night, so you will feel good the next day. Second, keep a good diet. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruit and less meat. Drink more water or tea not soft drink or coffee. Never eat too much food. And a simple diet keeps a man in good health. Third, take plenty of exercise. People who think they have no time for exercise will soon find time for illness. Finally, to be happy all the time. Laughter is the best medicine. Never worry too much.

Next, there are some posters my students make. Maybe you can find out something more for keeping healthy. 

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