An Enthusiastic Winter
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An Enthusiastic Winter

By Oxana Gladysheva

December in kindergarten was marked with many IB activities developing skills and personal attitudes towards peers, teachers, parents and others, towards the environment and the world.

The line of inquiry for junior group was related to vehicles. Panda, tiger, deer and monkey classes have learnt about various vehicles and how to use them. They discovered boats that float, planes that fly, and cars, trains, tanks that are driven on the ground. Knowing these kinds of vehicles, students were curious where each type of the vehicle can bring them to. Students played a well-designed PPT game which challenged their thinking skills. They analyzed the pictures and applied their guess on the given cases, for example, how to go from Guangzhou to Beijing? Students also showed their cooperation when happily playing with peers and sharing the toys. After playing games, they helped teachers to pack up the toys and put them back in the box which shows their respect and care.

Medium classes had a chance to be little inventors and young scientists, mastering research and self-management skills in several IB activities. Students looked for the answers on how inventions function and how and why these inventions ease our life. They designed and built marshmallow houses and discussed which one was solid. Planes were launched to figure out how they fly farther.  Also, students made parachutes and experimented on their functioning.

Senior classes have been learning the symbols and signs. In the focus of inquiry we put when and where do we apply certain signs. Students practiced the sign/ body language to transmit short messages which would be warning, restricting or informing. Another interesting symbol is emoticon which appears with the Internet. Students put all their creativity to make their own emojis. They presented their works which were angry, hungry, sleepy emojis or even emojis in love. Their speaking and listening skills were practiced and their self-confidence was strengthened through public speaking in front of their peers.

Another remarkable event was a visit of exchange students from Indonesia. They who is around 15-year-old presented their home country, told about food and ran a short course into Bahasa language. All our students were enthusiastic to learnt new words and build up sentences, addressing them to their teachers and friends in the classroom. “Aka cinta kamu” which stands for “I love you”.

Winter holidays are around the corner. We wish all the students, their parents and teachers have a wonderful time celebrating the New Year! 

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