How to develop listening skill
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How to develop listening skill


English plays an important role in the modern society. It is widely used in the world. In China, The students have studied English for a few years, some students are good at grammar but they are poor in listening.  Many of them still found themselves unable to understand English and speak English at natural, frequent speed. Therefore teachers need to pay more attention to develop the student’s listening skill in their teaching.

 The essentials in listening training are very important. When we do some listening, at first we should make clear the form of listening materials. Is it a dialogue or article? Before students’ listening, the teachers should introduce some background knowledge and ask some questions related to the listening material. While students’ listening, let students listen to the material without a break in order to help them grasp the main idea and important details. At last, check the answers with the whole class. In this way, students develop their listening skills and abilities systematically.

To sum up, good listening is the precondition of learning English well. The teacher should pay more attention to teaching of listening, should also manage to develop the students’ listening, select appropriate listening materials, make his lessons attractive and interesting, give the students more chance of listening practice, encourage them to listen and speak correct English as much as possible. Only with these improvements in teaching, can the students’ listening be developed effectively and efficiently.

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