The fun of the sports meets
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The fun of the sports meets

六(7)班 刘宣欐  贺靖瑶


From October 23 to 24, 2018, we had the "First Interesting Games and the 25th sports meet". Sports make us healthy and happy.

On that day, we had a lot of fun games. In the game ‘Tug of war’, the players tried their best to win. Although the other teachers and students did not join, they shouted cheerfully. "Come on! Come on. ! Come on! ’’ The successful players were excited and jumped up like a rabbit.

  The hula-hoop roller coaster is a game that the students shake the bodies like magic bodies. The hula-hoop was over little heads to reach the last team member. This team got the champion! Congratulations!

The little horses crossed the river. The children acted little horses. They were trapped in the hula hoop and imagine a river in front of them. The children crossed the river safely in the same boat. The children smiled happily!

And we also had high jump, the skipping rope competition and running race too. Some students were very happy because they won the games. But some lost the game and they were a little sad. Anyway we were all happy. We really had fun. Because there are many more interesting things than competition, I believe that students are still interested in it.

Finally, we would like to thank the school leaders for their great attention, the PE team for their careful organization and planning, and the teachers and students for their active and close cooperation. I hope our school sports meeting will be better and more successful, and create a brilliant future.

  Teacher’s words: In this article, Coco and Shirley told us about the exciting experiences of the sports meets. They really enjoyed the sports meets and the students also had a lot of fun. This is really a good article.

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