October IB in the Kindergarten
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October IB in the Kindergarten

——Noel David Meehan

Our Junior classes learnt about their bodies and their five senses, how we use them and the different ways each sense affect our daily life. First we used over size pictures of eyes ears etc and then stuck them onto our student’s faces. Once they know the difference, we moved onto how we use our senses. We broke this into different weeks to give the students time to truly understand what each of our senses do. We set up five stations in the classroom with each station being a different sense and our students travelled freely around to discover what each of our senses do and why they are very important to us.


Medium classes learnt about the importance of our family relationships and how to develop new relationships with other members within our community. The students re-enacted daily lives of people all around us and learnt why those people are very important to us all and our community. We set up stations around our school and created a mini town and had our students go about their daily lives while interacting with each other.


For our senior class we taught them about healthy eating, exercise and why it is very important for our bodies to stay healthy. Without exercise we would not have any energy, be sleepy and would find day to day activities very hard, so we put extra weight onto our students to resemble being overweight and had them do daily activities and report back to us about how their felt. 99% of the time they felt tired and uncomfortable. Then we explained about healthy eating and what foods are good to eat and what are not. We also explained that it’s OK to eat some unhealthy foods but you much only eat a little and exercise daily to maintain a healthy body. When our students ran in our homemade fat suits to experience the feeling of having excessive weight on their bodies. We timed them running with and without the fat suits to show them the difference in their times. Then we have had our senior classes make a healthy fruit or vegetable salad and shared it with them class. 

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