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五(4)班 梁浚添              指导老师:杨婷

New school year is starting. My family are going to make new plans.


In the past, I have never been to Yunnan. I want to see the  beautiful view in Lijiang so I’m going to go to Yunnan for a trip. My two sisters want to make new friends so they are going to join some clubs and get along well with the club members. In the past, my father didn’t have a pair of new shoes at the previous school year. So, he’s going to buy a pair of new shoes. My mother wants to get fit so she is going to do more exercise. She is going to go running every morning.


We’re going to work hard to meet our targets.We’re going to enjoy a meaningful school year.


评语:This is an excellent composition. You talk about families’ changes and plans clearly. You can write in details about your family members’ plans. The article shows clear logic and fluent expression.Good job! Tony.

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