Let’s Read for Fun
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Minna Wang(王敏)

For most primary students, reading is regarded as a task, especially English reading. They are tired of reading and can’t read for fun. What’s more, they are struggled to learn English. However, reading for fun is the easiest way to become a better reader in English. It is also the most important way to learn English.


Some students say they don’t want to read for fun. They say they want to use their time to learn the rule of the language and new words although it’s not easy for them. They say that reading for fun is too easy .Many experts say reading for fun is very important for English learners. Dr. Stephen Kristen, a famous expert on learning languages, says that reading for fun help you learn many important things about English. Students learn more grammar and more words when they reading for fun. They also learn more about good writing.


Dr. Kristen tells us that pleasure reading helps each student in a different way .Different student need to learn different things. Each student are able to learn what he or she actually needs if they can read for fun. Although reading for fun is not the same as studying, when you read for fun, you choose your own books ,and you don’t  have to remember everything .There are no pressure on your pleasure reading books .

Reading for fun will help you:

1.learn how English speakers use English faster in English

3.find examples of good writing in English

4.learn new words

5.learn about the cultures of English speaker

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