Overseas Summer/Winter Camps 2018-2019
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To enrich the students’ life during long vacations and to extend their academic learning, the school (via International Exchange Office) has been organizing overseas summer/winter camps yearly starting from 1999. It provides the students with opportunities to experience different cultures and learn the English language in varied countries.


Up till now, over 1100 students have joined the school’s overseas summer/winter camps to the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Japan, Germany, etc. and have benefited greatly. Their interest in learning English and language skills have been improved significantly; they become more politely and courteously; and they get better understanding of and more open to cultures of different countries, which helps them formulate better personalities and pave the ways for their possible learning abroad in the years ahead. We, as always, are committed to selecting and exploring any possible programs to provide chances for our students to experience various cultures by immersing them in foreign countries and studying foreign languages including English, German, etc. We really hope such experience will help to develop our children to be global citizens with awareness and abilities.


Beginning from 2014, the school has laid out Bi-annual Overseas Summer Camp Scheme which provides a plan on all age-appropriate programs for students from 5 to 17 to facilitate students and their parents to make plans and choices. The bi-yearly scheme is improved based on timely review of the previous two years’ implementation of the scheme, along with consideration of the students’ arising interest and need and the school’s educational objectives.


The next two years’ overseas summer/winter programs scheme is shown below.










Regular Intensive English Study & Cultural Experience Program

ESL Summer Camp in the United States

(3 weeks) in 2019


ESL Summer Camp in the United Kingdom (3 weeks) in 2020

Target students:students above 12 years old

Period: 2 weeks study on camp + 1 week tour

【Cooperate with experienced study abroad company】

International Curriculum Program

GIA Intensive English Study Camp(3 weeks)

Target students:students from 11 to 17 years old from the GIA program

【Cooperate with GIA schools and campsites in the United States】

German GMG Exchange Program

Target students:students above 12 years old from the German Class

【Cooperate with Germany Graf-Münster-Gymnasium Bayreuth to conduct the program of experiencing German high school life】

Sister School’s  Program

Australian Summer Camp(3 Weeks)in 2019

Target students:students above 12 years old

【Cooperate with the Australian Sister School -- St. Luke’s Anglican School or other Australian Schools】

Featured Program

Theme Camp

(2 weeks)

Target students:students from 11 to 17 years old

【Focus on STEM, arts, sports etc., which integrate the theme study with cultural experience】

European Cultural Experience Program

European Cultural Experience Camp

(2 weeks)

Target students:students above 12 years old

【To European Countries like: Spain, Switzerland, Italy, etc】

Top 100 University Experience Program

Experience University Life Camp

(2 weeks)

Target students: Grade 9-11 students from International Secondary School Division

【Cooperate with University of British Columbia, University of  Harvard, University of Cambridge, University of Yale to conduct an Experiencing University Life program which includes intensive English study and university academic and extra-curriculum activities】


Based on the above table, and to echo the school’s “Second Stage of Reform and Development” to better address the students’ needs of learning and growth, higher-quality summer/winter camp programs will be designed and offered. The final plan of each year will be announced on the school’s website in the beginning of the 2nd semester of each school year.  

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