Welcome Back To Huamei Kindergarten!
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--- Tyler Alexander Gale

The first month of school is upon us. The kindergarten is always full of wonder and excitement. All of the staff are excited to see our old and new students. Each child and parent are welcome with open arms and a big smile.  



Huamei staff were busy over the summer break constructing the new class bathrooms, class floors and safety measures. The new bathrooms are fitted with new elephant faucets which makes the children smile every time they wash their hands or brush their teeth. We have also introduced a new garbage which teaches the students about what is waste and what can be recycled. This is a big part of our move to IB and being responsible not only for themselves but for the planet as a whole.



We are all excited about transitioning into an IB curriculum kindergarten. The Chinese teachers have been diligently working and studying in order to achieve this goal. We have already moved to the IB way of teaching in the classroom. The International staff are supporting this change by integrating our language program to compliment what the Chinese teachers are putting in place. 


This month’s IB is going to be a fun one. For our junior classes we are exploring the body and how it works. The first activity will be putting together the human body. The students will have to name the body parts and then construct the body correctly. For the medium classes we are exploring interpersonal relationships. One of the activities planned is to ask the students what makes a good friend. We will then make friendship bracelets and exchange them with students from other medium classes. Last but not least, the senior and connection classes are diving into living a healthy lifestyle. For the first couple of weeks the students are learning about choosing healthy food as well as hobbies that will lead to a healthy body and mind.


We are all looking forward to a great semester and year in the kindergarten. If you see us out around the school, please come and say hello! We are always open to making new friends!

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