Summer’s Diary
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                                                                                      By Xia Xi’an

“ Creeping, slippling;  slippling, Creeping,  Summer is leaving, leaving the secret of summer……” Hearing your song, I stepped out of the classroom. The period of English today has been finished, but my mind is still with you, my kids! Thanks for your constant supporting in every class in the way of appreciating my tiny merits and tolerating my deficits. Thanks for your warm song.


Still, what I want to tell you is how concerned  I am about you all. Discovering Jiyuan buried in his papers, losing his mind at what is being discussed, I would ask myself why I should have had him meet with such great difficulty in getting used to my teaching. Seeing Yanxin was in a low spirit, I would wonder what was troubling him and there might be some way to cheer him up. ZhiPeng is struggling to settle himself down to the studies. Liu Yao has been left behind in the classroom discussion. What’s worse, I find that I have done little to help you. Not that I’m ignoring your worries. Actually, I’m keeping eyes on you all the way. I’m really experiencing what you’re battling on the way. Or rather, I’m waiting for your inner growth from the pain.


In contrast, of course, I’m delighted most of the time to be with you. It is Zepeng who usually helps me with my teaching stuff. It is Guo Lei who aids me with the computer. It is Ge Hao who challenges us to more complex sentences. It is Xiao Chuan who shares his wide views with us. Occasionally and unexpectedly, it is Cheng Wei who gets full marks in reading. Our precious five girls have always been setting to us good examples, creating a lively atmosphere in class. How could I convey my joy and gratitude when you are giving me such great surprises! Searching for long, I find only English can help me out in expressing the feelings: Nice meeting you here!



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