What is Courage
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                                       By  Peng Zhishan (Vicky)  ,C2, S3

In the movie Cinderella , Cinderella’s mother would say to little Ella time to time that we should be kind and have courage.


But, have you ever asked yourself what courage really means ? It is stated that courage is the choice and willingness to confront agony, pain, danger, uncertainty or intimidation.


As for me, courage is what motivates us to do the right thing, to right a wrong, to protect what you love and to take a stand for some dearly held principle or value despite the personal price or public opinion. This kind of courage is shown in Mahatma Gandhi’s and Martin Luther King’s commitment to passive and non-violent resistance, standing up to evil and fighting for what we truly believe.


Courage is also needed to encounter fate, defeat despair and to find and fulfill our destiny. For example, when the famous composer Ludwig Van Beethoven found out that he was losing his hearing at the age of twenty eight years old, he became understandably depressed about his unfortunate fate. Despite total deafness, he went on bravely to compose his most heroic and beautiful music right up until his death at the age of fifty seven years old.


So courage is essentially a choice, a choice to stand and fight when appropriate rather than run, to take responsibility rather than escape from it, to embrace reality rather than retreat from it, to create rather than destroy, to love rather than hate. It’s all left for you to choose, to have courage or walk away.


(指导老师:Liu Xiangui)

Comments:This speech is well-organized, and it gives some persuasive ideas. Besides, its language is fluent and native.

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