Save the Animals
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Luo Chenghah Class 7 Junior 2

What makes our world colourful and beautiful? It’s life. Life includes animals, plants and human beings. Animals are people’s friends. They live in the same world as us. But many animals are in danger. Why are they disappearing so fast? Because many human beings are unkind to them. These greedy people cut down the forests and take lands from the sea, hunt other animals and use part of their body to make medicine. But, why? Are they crazy? Or there’s something making them do this? Probably. And what’s that? Money, I think. So that’s why we say-No trading, no killing.


Humans are cleverer and stronger than animals. But that doesn’t mean we can use animals as tools to make money. Instead we should use our knowledge to protect them.


If all the animals die out except humans someday, there’ll be no more birds standing on branches singing their perfect songs; there’ll be no more fish jumping out of the sea; there’ll be no more arguing about whether tigers or lions are the king of the animals.


How sad, isn’t it?

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