Introduction to the Division: Outstanding educational achievement and four supporting pillars of the school 2018=2019
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A. Outstanding educational achievement

In recent years, in the Entrance Examinations for High School and University respectively, Huamei School has had great achievements. An increasing number of graduates are admitted by key high schools and top universities home and abroad.

Starting from 2003, the school is accredited by The Education Examinations Authority of Guangdong Province to be the Cambridge ESOL Testing Site. In the following years, Huamei students have continuously sat for ESOL’s General English Tests (the currently called “Cambridge English Examinations”) - KET and PET for Schools, with the passing rate at 90% for KET and 70% for PET.


B. Supporting Pillars of the School

a. Teaching staff - Gathering the elites from all over China and foreign countries together

Huamei selects and recruits teachers nation and world wide. Currently, there are 160 teachers in the Secondary School Division, among whom 8 are international teachers and 10 are Master’s Degree holders, and all have obtained a Bachelor’s Degree. Meanwhile, the proportion of the teachers who have achieved a mid-level professional title and above is 76%, among whom 28% have a senior professional title. Most of the teachers are middle-aged or younger, vigorous, creative and dedicated. The ratio of teachers to students is high at 1: 7.

b. “Hardware” construction - Modern facilities

Huamei has applied electronic information administration and teaching methods. The internet and intranet of the school are very resourceful, the information channels are unblocked, and all necessary materials are in good condition. All the classrooms and functional rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art multi-media systems. The Information Center is the department providing software platforms for exploring educational resources and offering service to the secondary school’s District Online Marking System.

Advanced laboratory equipment, fully equipped multi-functional room and various activities centers.  Physical, chemical, and biological labs are equipped in accordance with the standard of the First Grade Provincial School in Guangdong. Huamei has also built history, geography, art and music functional classrooms, a calligraphy room, cooking room, pottery room, labor and general technology room, and a radio-making room with a “Sail-setting” broadcast station, and “Sail-setting” literature club, etc. All of these functional rooms provide the students with modern platforms to cultivate their talents and reach their potentials. As well, the school also provides standard swimming pool, 400-meter standard track and field sports ground, tennis court, gym and mini-golf training field to ensure students’ physical development.

Broad stages for social practice. A Geography garden and an ecology garden provide some locations for moral education and labor education attached to other units outside school and open various windows for the students to get to know the society and the outside world.

c. Systematic curricula, serving to help students lay a firm foundation to reach their potentials and cultivate their individuality

National & local curricula are implemented according to the requirements of the educational administrations of all levels. The purpose is to help the students build up firm foundation of knowledge and skills. In the High School, community service and social practice, and also research study are implemented consistently and effectively.

School-based curricula: To meet students’ different needs of development, Huamei Secondary School makes full use of various educational resources based on national and local curricula to assure students of their all-rounded development, which is achieved by designing and developing courses of three areas encompassing academic foundation, autonomous development and social participation, and is implemented through three approaches, namely by helping learn both compulsory and elective courses as well as by carrying out a variety of activities, eventually helping students to be cultivated both internally and externally, inwardly and outwardly, and to lay a solid foundation for them to reach their potentials and cultivate their individuality. 

d. Class organizational system—Small-sized classes and differentiated teaching

Huamei Secondary School adopts small-sized classes and differentiated teaching methods, and try to truly actualize individualized quality education for every student. There are approximately 30 students in each class, the school has implemented a system of homeroom teacher responsibility. A distinctive feature is that classes set up in each grade are based on students’ academic competence and their interest, such as the Cambridge English classes and Gifted Program classes to better address the students’ needs.  

In addition, based on the students’ intentions for different post-secondary education programs, Huamei provides the following programs for preparing for different University Entrance Examinations: 1) Specialty stream (e.g., P.E., Music, Painting) pre-course, 2) Pre-course for students from HK, Macao, & Taiwan, 3) Prep-program for overseas students, and 4) Counseling and supporting service to students applying for overseas universities.

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