Message from the Headmaster 2018-2019
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A new school year has begun.

This is a new school year, and this is a new beginning .

First, the school has already had a new prospect. With more than twenty years history of being a prestigious school, "Huamei" is not complacent in its glorious past, but look forward from the height of the times and the nation, and is entering into its second stage of pioneering development. It depicted a beautiful blueprint of "Eight First-Class", vividly demonstrating a magnificent grand picture of its future. Today , the school has a new gorgeous vision, and Huamei people have a new "Huamei Dream".

Second, Huamei students shall have a new demeanor. "Teenagers should have soaring aspirations and they shouldn’t easily give up after a single setback". As Huamei students , they are ambitious, focused, diligent, not mediocre, treasuring the great opportunity of "Second Pioneering" and enjoying gorgeous learning resources. They shall work collaboratively with other Huamei people, constantly improve themselves, and continue to outdo themselves and pursue their dreams.

Third, Huamei teachers are supposed to have a new sense of responsibility. With the pound drums of "Second Pioneering" resounded through the ears , the general idea of "Reform , Innovation and Development" has sunk deeper and deeper into Huamei people’s heart. When all the other schools compete fiercely with each other, our Huamei people need to take up our responsibility, work hard for the bright future of our students and the nation. We need to be much braver, more positive, more responsible and forge ahead .

In the new school year and with the new hope, blueprint and dream, let us brace up to march forward courageously. We firmly believe that "Nothing in the world is difficult for one who sets his mind to it."

Secondary School Headmaster



Wen Zhang, Headmaster of Secondary School (Bachelor of Art; Senior Secondary School Teacher; Has more than 30 years teaching experience and being school administrator for more than 21 years)

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