Message from the Headmaster 2018-2019
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With its advanced philosophy, distinguishing features and high-quality education, Huamei School has gained widespread recognition over the past twenty-five years. In 2015, Huamei School entered into its second stage of pioneering development with 3 standards: Reform, Innovation, Development. Huamei Primary School has unswervingly pursued the combination of both Eastern and Western education, and thus formed a distinctive philosophy which seeks to help students form good habits, exploit their potential as well as provide them with a platform of all-rounded development.


We value the cooperation and interaction (communication) between the school and parents. Working together, we can always pay attention to every detail, cordially devote our love and care for next generation. As a typical example, the cooperative system is built to cultivate good habits of students in all aspects of life.


Teachers at Huamei Primary School have endeavored to develop the most suitable teaching mode for our students. Taking ‘Learning for Practice’ as a core idea, we carry out the ‘Use-oriented Classroom Teaching Model’ with changes in teaching structure and procedures.This teaching model greatly helps to create an active interaction between teachers and students, and among students, which results in a change from teacher-oriented teaching to student-oriented learning. This kind of learning in the classroom is more profound and valuable because students play an active role in absorbing, strengthening and internalizing knowledge. For Chinese courses, in order to enhance their comprehensive ability in listening, speaking, reading and writing, we encourage students to read extensively, recite selected works and do more writing practices; while for Mathematics, teachers focus more on developing students’ interests as well as their logical thinking. We closely follow the progress of every student and facilitate their growth with love and patience.


Huamei, as an international school, offers more opportunities to approach authentic English. With Longman English and Cambridge English introduced to our program, students are more able to be proficient in English than most average Chinese students. Besides the basic academic courses, diversified curricula and extracurricular activities are designed to meet the needs of students who are longing for expanding their interests. Students can choose among forty courses related to different fields of sports or arts and be trained by professional coaches. Activities like these enable students to have a good chance to progress and thrive both physically and mentally.


The American GIA program has been running successfully during the last several years and we will continue to have GIA classes from grade 1 to 6 this upcoming school year. In this program, we follow the Chinese curriculum standards for Chinese language and Mathematics, and lessons are given by our Chinese teachers. As for American curriculum, we follow the American Primary School curriculum standards instead. We introduced American GIA textbooks and have internationally certified teachers as instructors. Our students study those courses and are tested so as to receive American credits.


In this upcoming school year, the German Language - as the Second Foreign Language Program - will still be provided for students from grade 4 to 6, with 1-2 specialized German classes formed in grade 4 and 5 while canceling elective classes. This will surely help pupils learn the German language more effectively and consistently.


Huamei embraces difference and diversity with a greatly growing number of international students, who come from more than ten countries and regions all over the world, including the U.K., Canada, Indonesia and South Korea and etc. Special Chinese courses have been designed for international students and proven to be a great success. This can be tracked from the development of their Chinese vocabularies. Their progress in learning and forming good habits after one year study is quite surprising. Additionally, international students are soon able to catch up and enter into regular classes.


As a boarding school, all students not only enjoy the companionship, happiness of their childhood, but also strengthen their communication skills, life skills and cultivate their independence in gregarious environment.


Witnessing the growth and development of every student at Huamei is always appealing for teachers and staff; Meanwhile, students could also witness Huamei on its way to evolve to a more well-renowned school.


Dear students, while teachers and parents are making joint effort for your education, we hope you will deal with problems by yourselves. We hope that you study hard, voluntarily obey school rules, and have a happy campus life; we hope that you show responsibility and strong determination, face difficulties with courage and strong will.


Let’s respect, care about each other, and make progress together. With your efforts, I believe you all can make remarkable achievements and make Huamei campus culture more vital and colorful.




Headmaster of Primary School (Postgraduate of Education Administration; Bachelor Degree of English; Excellent Teacher Award and Class Teacher Award Winner of Tianhe District in Guangzhou; The First Outstanding Employee Award Winner of Guangzhou Huamei International School)

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