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Huamei Kindergarten, founded in June 1993, has become IB candidate school in July 2016, and prides itself as being a multicultural and bilingual boarding centre in Guangzhou. Huamei was ranked the No. 1 Private Kindergarten in Guangdong, one of  the top 10 kindergartens.


The vision of Huamei Kindergarten is to prepare our children to adapt for the changing future. It aims at integrating eastern and western educational programs and resources while making progress by fostering their strengths. Following the educational philosophy experiencing learning and life in multiple ways while growing with happiness, the mission of the kindergarten is to help our children to lay a foundation for becoming healthy and richly-minded global citizens. With these purposes, Huamei creates a warm and open educational environment, develops a happy teachers team, sets up a professional multiple curriculum and promotes the development of children both physically and mentally.


Huamei Kindergarten has a professional and dedicated Chinese and English teaching staff with professional certificate, the standard rate of educational background is far beyond the provincial-level kindergarten standards. Huamei enjoys the advantages of a kindergarten-primary connection school, and a recognized international program. The center itself sits nestled in the green hills north of Guangzhou, and boasts a flourishing natural environment on campus with ecological gardens, grass playing fields and tree-lined paths throughout. Drawing on 25 years of kindergarten management experience, Huamei provides high-quality life for the students, increasing their potentials with healthy hearts, bodies and minds, and developing their social and communicative abilities through art, literature and language.


 A. Integrating IB philosophy into the design of the three-level curricula

1. Basic development curriculum (IB curriculum): according to the "3-6 years old children's learning and development guidelines", following IB (International Baccalaureate Organization) curriculum philosophies, we create inquiry activities through six PYP trans-disciplinary themes, such as "Who We Are", "How We Express Ourselves", " Sharing the Planet", etc., to promote the development of children's health, language, society, science and art. At the same time, we open the windows to the world for children, to lay the foundation for becoming internationally minded world citizens and lifelong learners.

2. Advanced development curriculum (Featured international program): including children’s English Immersion courses, supplemented by festival culture experiential activities.

3. Individualized development curriculum: including optional kindergarten interest courses and the implementation of individual development plans to meet children’s different needs, establish "children personal growth records", tracking the personalized development of children.


B. Sound sophisticated caring system:

1. Rigorous and meticulous care-taking system. A permanent Security Leadership Team is set. All the teachers have signed responsibility agreement to ensure every kid’s safety all the time.

2. Huamei has children's medical experts to ensure our children’s physical and mental health, who provide check-up to the children on daily basis.

3. It has health-care nurses to provide suggestions on food nutrition to ensure balanced meals to the children, in addition to the precise calculation conducted by a specialized nutrition-focused menu software.


C. Body development program and assessment: 

1. Children can enjoy outdoor activities all around the school.

2. The kindergarten provides kids with a lot of choices to do physical exercises every day, including swimming, mini basketball, and other outdoor games.

3. Check and record each child’s health every day.

4. Check and record each child’s physical development once a semester.

5. Check and record each child’s overall progress once a school year.


D. Small class size with outstanding teachers.

Huamei Kindergarten has small class size and good children-teacher ratio (1:4) to ensure every child get enough teachers’ attention. Each junior class has about 20 children; each medium and senior class has 25-30 children. 5 teachers including one international teacher and one night-life teacher are responsible for each class’s teaching and daily care. All of Chinese teachers achieve College or higher degree.


E. English program and its implementation:  

1. Hire experienced international teachers from English speaking countries. Close contact with children in all domains.

2. Provide a full range of English learning and acquisition environment and conditions. In the critical period of language development, enable the children to immerse in an English community to communicate naturally both in the collective teaching activities and daily life activities.

3. Hold half day immersion English learning and acquisition lessons and activities, mainly including core courses, story teaching, AV teaching and outdoor activity, western festival activities, etc., aiming at stimulating and maintaining the children’s interest in continued English learning.

4. The textbooks used for the core course are “First Friends” series from Oxford publications and “You and Me” from Macmillan publications. The contents are closely relevant to our children’s daily life, whole-rounded and systematic.

5. Rigorous and systematic teacher orientation and teacher development mechanism facilitate effective implementation and quality improvement of the English program.


F. Arts and interest development programs

1. To ensure each child’s potential is fully explored, Huamei has been implementing Interest Group Program, with various themes for children to choose from. We employ first-class arts teachers and experts in many fields, many of whom are well recognized in Guangzhou city and upper level for their achievements.

2. The established Interest Group program offers a choice of over ten subject areas, including “do re mi” English Song Activities, “Little host” English Cooking, Science and Crafts in English, Rugby, Pottery art, Super stars, etc.


G. Kindergarten-primary school connection program

The Connection Program was developed jointly by kindergarten and primary education experts to help children to transfer and adapt for the primary school life and learning.

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