Message from the Principal 2018-2019
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June 19, 2018 is Huamei’s 25th birthday. Over the past 25 years, the Huamei community embraced many difficulties and challenges, became much stronger with firm beliefs, which has brought Huamei School success one after another.


2017-2018 school year was of success being the third year of the “Second Stage of Reform and Development”. During the year, Huamei staff work diligently to reform and renovate to further develop our achievements. With strong ambition and great responsibility, we stick to improving our educational system and developing students’ character. We firmly bear in mind our mission of “Integrating eastern and western educational ethos to cultivate Chinese modern elites” around the school’s positioning “A quality reputable school rooted in and with a Chinese foundation”.


Through schooling at Huamei, we hope our students will continue to form good habits and behaviors in daily life, develop physical strength, sound character, active learning attitudes, and varied skills, to set up a solid foundation for their “adapting for the changing future”. In the meantime, we hope they can equip themselves with comprehensive quality of feeling and generating internal happiness, serving the country and stepping onto the world stage, and hence end up becoming “life-long learners with global vision as well as international elites with patriotism”. Meanwhile, by jointly creating a magnificent campus filled with elegance, caring, growth, innovation, we together lay the ground work for creating a better world.


The first mango tree on our campus has witnessed the establishment of Huamei school and all of our achievements during the last 25 years. I wish all the Huamei students can grow like this “prosperity tree”, developing strong root system, targeting upward, being brave in face of challenges, enjoying sunshine and rain, looking forward to the changing future, and finally to grow up maturely and unswervingly.


In the meantime, we also expect Huamei teachers and other supporting staff, the cornerstones of the school, to work more diligently and happily to make the school a better place for our children to study and grow, and for ourselves to achieve sense of belonging and dignity, and together we create a better Huamei, while enjoying our everyday rewarding work and happy life here.


The school will start from the new point of 25-years of outstanding achievements. All the Huamei staff will be committed to the “Second Stage of Reform and Development”, with perseverance in the school’s motto of “Authenticity, Love, Virtue, Exploration”, unyielding ideals to “integrate Eastern and Western educational ethos to cultivate Chinese modern elites” with the core values of “adapting for the changing future and contributing to a better world”, aiming at the “Eight First-Class Standards”, to strive, renovate, and bring up Huamei School to another new level - the best private school in Southern China.







Guangzhou Huamei International School

(Feng Chen: Ph.D in Management, Peking University; Associate Researcher in Educational Management; Educational Inspector of Guangzhou Municipal Government; Vice President of Guangdong Private Education Association; Vice President of the Educational Experiment Association under the Chinese Society of Education ) 

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