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The new Gold Medal staff in Academic Year 2017
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Reported by Dragon(沈明龙)from Primary School

Teachers’ Day is always exciting for the teachers, especially the moment of announcing the Gold Medal Staffs. This is the top honored award at Guangzhou Huamei International School. Mrs Wu Zhen from the primary School is one of the new Gold Medal Staffs. At the Teachers’ Day Meeting of on September 10, she delivered us a speech warmly as the representative of the Gold Medal Staffs.

She said she was so honored to speak here as the representative of the Gold Medal Staffs. She treasured this chance very much. It was the 14th Teachers’ Day. She remembered that on one of the past Teachers’ Day, some of her students asked her why she didn’t get the award to the Gold Staffs. She said she just told them she was still working hard for it. But they said that she deserved the Gold Medal Staff award. She expressed that she was so comforted and happy because she had been recognized by students and she was happy to be a teacher who was welcomed by students and parents as well. What made her happier was that working in this magnificent and elegant school for more than a decade, it gave her a sense of belonging and pride. That gorgeous feeling had been ingrained in her.

As an elder teacher at Huamei, she had witnessed the rapid changes, progresses and growth in the school. For her, Huamei was both a fertile soil and beautiful school, each student could benefit from the excellent school. She said she was so grateful because that was the place her kids and her grew up together. Her child was a really gorgeous baby, from the first grade of elementary school to junior high school, and then graduated from International High School. Now, he is a junior in the United States. She was so proud of him. Even now she could still see his childish photos in the school enrollment hall. He got the honor of the "Gold Student" and now she got the “Gold Medal Staff” too. She was very grateful! And she also expressed thanks to the leaders and colleagues. She said she had gained a lot from this school, both in mental and physical sides, such as the title of excellent teacher, the honor class, the provincial private school excellent teacher and so on.

At the end of the speech, she expressed her expectation and commitment to the future work. She said, ‘The achievements represent the past, and the new journey will begin. I promise that I will keep the passion and inspiration in my ordinary work, and I will maintain happiness and respect in the cooperation of colleagues. Be responsible in the growth of students and love them.


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