Love Blue Ocean , Save Our Sea
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六(3)班 杨尚霖      指导老师:吴迎

Hello everyone ! Do you know me ? I am your good friend ---- a sea turtle named Shining.  I come from South Pacific . That’s great pleasure to meet you here today.

I’d like to share our turtles’ story for you next . A mother turtle lays 200 eggs each time .The actual survival rate is only one in a thousand . Those unfortunate eggs or young turtles are either eaten by crabs , lizard and snakes or stolen by poachers . The way from the sand beach to the sea is full of danger and hardship . The moment young turtles slides into the sea , we get free. In the sea turtles meet few natural enemies . We’ll pull head and feet into carapace at the danger. Yet the good days aren’t long.

Thousands of tourists flock to ocean .They enjoy themselves in the sea , but throw drink bottles into the sea , leave bags of waste instead of taking them away . Those sea pollution brings us disaster . Plenty of plastic bags are eaten by turtles as jellyfish by mistake because of weak eyesight . To cure the disease , human doctors have to open up the body , took off the plastic waste . Some serious ill died painfully even with help .

More than 30 percent of reptiles , birds and fish , turtles die off because of air pollution , water pollution, land pollution .

Now I am a marine guardian . We must improve the sense of protecting the environment . Please remember following two days:  23rd of May the World Turtle Day  and  8th of June the World Ocean Day .

Our dear schoolmates,act now , no sea pollution , love blue ocean, save our seas .

That’s all. Thank you!


评语:This is an excellent composition. It’s very clever of you to use the first person to write this composition and tell people to protect our environment . There are a lot of long sentences in your composition. I love them very much. 

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