Happy Teacher’s Day
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Respecting their teachers was in Chinese culture long before teacher’s day became part of it. As the teacher who teaches Chinese to our foreign students, my students and I give our best wishes together to Mr. Zhang, our principal, on this day to remember what he has contributed to this school. In the meantime, I am so happy that I also received all the kind words from my students.


As we can see, numbers of foreign students who chose to come to China is increasing. A great deal of them shows enormous interests of learning our culture, learning our language. Whenever I saw a foreign student who qualified into a top level Chinese university with excellent Mandarin, whenever I saw a introverted student started to talk with others, and whenever a self closing student began to show his feelings, those were my proudest moments as a teacher.

As the headmaster who is managing a class that composed by students from different countries, the love my students gave me and the respect, trust, support that the parents showed me are the best gifts I have ever received. The communication between the parents and the school is the most difficult part and as much as the importance of my job. Once an Iranian parent told me, her child called me her Chinese “Mom”. People were curious about how I built a bridge between people with different language and culture. My answer is simple. It’s love. I love my students, and their well being is the best return for the efforts I have made. 

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