My life in Huamei
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When I first came to Huamei, I was very strange about everything here. Even when it was the night, the whole school was full of the smell of reading and learning.

When my mum and I went across the boulevards, the wind rustled the leaves. And when the wind blew on my face, I felt like going on a vacation in a beautiful garden. This brought me a little more love to this school.

I could still remember the first time when I met with the students in the class I was going to join. They were so kind that they made me feel home and warm. It's like meeting friends you haven't seen for more than a decade. Their friendliness makes me want to stay and study with them.

The teachers in Huamei make me feel just like at home. They give their students the same care they do for their children.

There are many kinds of courses here, especially various optional courses. Students can choose their favourite courses according to their own preferences. It gave me an unprecedented experience.

In general, the beautiful daily life in Huamei is wonderful. I am very happy to live and learn here. Huamei is such a beautiful campus that many students live a gorgeous life here. Would you like to join us?

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