Journals from Summer Camp Students of 2018 HUAMEI GIA Program
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series III

26 July 2018

Jane  Yu Zhen Liu


My family is not very big . There are 4 people, they are my mum, my dad, my sister and me. My father and my mum are both businessmen. We have a middle size house. In China there are tall apartments because there are too many people in China. But in America they build more villas for they have more land and less people. So far I have learnt speaking, reading, listening and writing.  


26 July 2018

Jack  Junjie Huang


Today I went to a very fun place. It is Six Flag. Six Flag is a amusement park. It has many roller coaster. My favourite one is Rangin Cajun. This is the most excited one. But it doesn’t have a lot of centrifugal force. It has Caransed Rerris Wheel and Fireball because it has lots of centrifugal force. I am very scary of this. My favourite amusement park is Disney land because there are a lot of play and many delicious food. In the future I will build a terrifying amusement park. There will be lots of ghosts houses. And another one there is a lot of food in the amusement park, there they offer turkey leg, noodles and so on.



27 July 2018

Judy   Leting Zhu


In the life, people have a lot of difficulties. But we should tackle them in proper ways. Take myself for example, when I was six, I wanted to ride bike to school. Once I broke my leg and scratched my skin. But I didn’t give up and I can ride bike very well. It is difficult, but I did it. So in our life, we should not be afraid of anything too much or we can never be successful. If you worry too much and then you will stay in the same place. Don’t commit hope in the destiny, we should set goals in our life. We just determination goal, we will be successful.


31 July 2018

Garry Haodong Wang


From the reading passage I learn that Jackie Robinson likes helping people. I like this and I want to help people too. I should learn Jackie Robinson’s teamwork spirit. He helps his teammates. I also want to be this kind of man so I can work together with my teammates and help people too. Helping others makes me happy and teamwork helps me know that we need friends. And to be considerate other people needs teamwork too.



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