Journals from Summer Camp Students of 2018 HUAMEI GIA Program
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Series II

23rd July 2018

Mike  Jiahui Liang


This afternoon we visited the Air and Space Museum. My favourite thing is the rocket. It is really cool and so big. One day I want to go to the space to see some interesting things.


In the Capitol Building I also find many interesting things, there are many heroes there and the Capitol is so big and incredible.


After visiting the famous buildings I have lots of questions today. Why is America so big? Why are there so many museums here? Why they are all free? The Capitol is really big and the Potomac River is so long. One day I want to go to Virginia to have a look more interesting things.


24 July 2018

Toby  Jiatao Zhao


Today, we went to the Library of Congress. I saw some expert and Thomas Jefferson statue and the American baseball pictures they are very interesting exhibition. I also enjoyed touching the insects in the National Museum of Natural History. The most interesting Live Butterflies and plants on the second floor and the most surprising is the T-Rex Skull on the ground floor.



24  July 2018

Cora  Jia Yang Chi


Today we went to the Library of Congress and National Museum of National History. The Library of Congress is very big and luxurious. There are many very old books collected there.


The library was founded in 1800. It was Thomas Jefferson’s personal library with 6487 books for $ 23950. There are many oldest books and pictures in it.


Let me tell you something about the National Museum of Natural History. There are lots of old thins there and many experts are doing some research. We saw colorful butterflies, bones and mineral ore. I like the big blue mineral one the best , it is very beautiful. I think Natural Museum is full of fun because it has many old things and we all can learn from it. What a great day!




25 July 2018

Bethany Bingbing Zhang


Today we went to the Supreme Court. There are Chief Justice and justices. It is very luxurious and solemn. We listened to the interpreter’s explanation for about 30 minutes, she is a volunteer in the court. I feel it’s a great place. I like is very much.


After visiting the Supreme Court, we went shopping again in Premium Outlets. We could choose our favourite things. It is big and there are a lot of things sold there. We felt free when we were wondering there. I bought a lot of things and it is a really nice place for shopping.   



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