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The Closing Ceremonies
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These last few weeks at Huamei Kindergarten have been filled with endless hard work and preparation for the closing ceremonies. Both the children and teachers have been tirelessly rehearsing and perfecting the different shows for the parents, grandparents and other attending guests.  


welcome to our show

Every year, each class at the kindergarten works hard to prepare the best show they can for the ceremonies. Junior and medium class ceremonies took place on the same morning, while the senior ceremony took place the following day. The teachers worked hard to prepare the shows within the kindergarten classrooms first, but as the ceremonies grew closer, much time was spent rehearsing the full programs in the gym. When the time of the performances came, the children looked absolutely adorable sporting their many costumes and props.  


we are ready!

let's go!

It's ready!



listen to me

brown bear, what do you see?

we are panda

taking bus

comb my hair

In the end, all the dedication and hours of practice paid off because the children rose to the occasion and put on a wonderful performance for their families. Everyone greatly enjoyed the ceremonies and the 2017-2018 school year at Huamei Kindergarten was brought to a beautiful and memorable close!   

taking photos


- Elise Kinne, Huamei Kindergarten Teacher

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