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The Poetry Recitation
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小留学生班  周舒婷

On Friday, June 15th,The international students performed a poetry recitation in the international class. They all performed well and could blurt out some of the poems they had learned.

In the beginning of the study of poetry, the students feel difficult and do not understand the meaning of poetry, but after a period of study, they  like to learn the Chinese poetry. On the day of the performance, all of them did a good job, although it was a little challenging.Everyone went to the stage to recite five favorite poems.  Xiru Shen recited five poems she liked in fluent Chinese, and  Haijing Yan read poems in the way of singing,reading and performing.Everyone had a lot of fun when  they read the poems of the spring and summer together.They read a lot of poems, such as“A Quatrain”,“Spring Day”and  many more poems.All of them had a great time.

Through this poetry recitation , students felt the charm of Chinese poetry and arouse their interest in learning Chinese.



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