Words on the Ceremony of Primary Graduation
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   张宇哲 (指导老师:沈明龙)

Good afternoon dear teachers, schoolmates, family and friends! Now our graduating ceremony for Grade Six begins.


Time flies. Six years ago, a group of ignorant children walked into you - the door of our mother school, like a seedling that sprouted out of the ground. We look forward to sunshine and rain. It is you, the teacher, who loves to dedicate it to us. Our heart has nurtured our growth. Please look at the big screen and review our growth footprint.

With deep memory for the past, we thought about the familiar buildings, sculptures, the air and the smell of green grass on the campus. We have so much to tell our mother school.

Memory is really amazing. Since these six years ago, we have done so well in our studies and other aspects of our school life.  

Thanks to our mother school. Thanks to our teachers. We’ve grown up so well because of your dedications. Let’s give them big applause once again. Six years is not long, but it’s the most unforgettable time in our lives, it is a golden period in our lives. Let’s memorize this moment. Now please welcome our head master Chen to give us our diplomas.

Boys and girls, six-year primary school life comes to the end, we are sorrowful. But life must go on, we’re getting ready for the next step.

As the GIA students at Huanei primary school, we had a colourful school life here. Thank you, all our international teachers. We know not only all the teachers of Grade Six took good care of us, but also our headmasters, Principal Jane. At this moment, Ms. Jane is much more excited and sadder than us. Thank you, Ms, Jane, we’ll remember your words, remember the goal of the primary school. Today we’ll graduate from Huamei School. Two months later, we’ll become middle school students. Thanks to all the three principles for witness of our growth. The flying leaves in the sky are thankful to the earth. The floating clouds are thankful to the sky. The six years of primary school is the beginning of our life. We started to learn, achieve our good habits from here. We let our colourful dreams fly here. Thank you, teachers. Thank you, Huamei School. This is the voice from our hearts. Boys and girls, In the last six years, we have learned a lot of knowledge and made great progress in many aspects with the help of our teachers. Today we’re leaving because we will graduate from our mother school, Huamei primary school. At the moment, we feel excited and also sad. We do have a lot to say to you, our teachers, and express our heartfelt thanks to you.

Not only there are many excellent teachers in Huamei School, but there are also many great parents who care about us very much, support and understand our school. Because of them, our classmates have improved quickly. Our parents really did a lot for us. Let’s warmly say thanks to our parents. Thank you, mum and dad. You’re tired. In our heart, dream is the torch and faith is the beacon. 

We’re the future builder of our motherland. We should study hard for our motherland from now on and build up ambitions.

We are now full of tears. Teachers, your selfless love helps us grow well. Time flies, we have spent six diligent and fun years here. During these years, we have become sensible and acquire good manners. We have become taller, we can speak much more English, and we are good at computers, playing basketball or playing the piano. But who gives us such a big stage to develop our potential? That’s our principal Mr. Chen. Huamei School is like the cradle of our growth. We’re going to graduate, but we are unwilling to part with our teachers.

Now boys and girls, we wish to show our gratitude and thanks with beautiful flowers. Please send flowers to our teachers, to thank them for their hard-working, for their guidance, for their love.

Thank you dear teachers! Thank you for all that you have done! You have our respect and gratefulness!

Dear schoolmates, today it is the time for us to graduate from Huamei Primary school.  Let’s remember our mother school, let’s remember our teachers. And let’s fly our dreams and surf on.

The graduating ceremony is over. May our schoolmates have a happy holiday? May our schoolmates make greater progress in the Middle School? May our headmasters, teachers, family and friends be healthy and everything is perfect.


(Thank you very much!)


June 21st, 2018



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