My Wonderful Trip
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六(7) 李秋燚

Last winter vocation was a great trip. I was luckily invited by a local tourist administration. The whole trip was free for me, except for the plane ticket.

It was really a good trip for me. I tasted almost all the special food in Swiss. As we all known, Swiss is famous for Swiss Fondue. It tasted bad for me. Skiing in Swiss was fun too. I really enjoyed in it.

Everything was good. It seemed there won’t be some bad things. But when we finished the trip in Swiss, my mom took me to Germany with some of her colleagues. Finally the bad thing happened.

One day that they were in an Outlet City for shopping. I was bored and not a shopaholic, I didn’t like shopping. So I decided to visit the Germans’ lives. I wanted to see how Germans live. I was too excited. So I soon lost the way. Luckily, a German woman helped me. She took me to her own store and let me calm down. She called a taxi for me and finally I went back to the hotel safely.

That woman’s name was Mrs Runoff. I will never forget the thing she did for me.



A good beginning and a perfect ending. You have made great progress in developing passage. I appreciate what you’ve done in Swiss.

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