Children’s Day At Huamei! HOORAY!
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Tyler Alexander Gale


It’s that time of year again where we celebrate the joy and wonder of children in China. It is always a fun and exciting time in the Kindergarten. All of the teachers pull together to create a fantastic atmosphere full of exhilarating and educational activities.  


Our Swimsuits

We celebrated Children’s Day with a water fight! All of the children got dressed up in their swimsuits and armed with their water pistols ready to get wet! The expressions on their faces was magical. The kindergarten was full of laughter and joy.  Many of the parents joined in the fun which added to the fun.  


Small Light Bulb

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Water Fight

Water Fighter

Wow, Suprising

We have done a lot activities during the school year, but Children’s Day is one of the best days for the children, teachers, and parents. We all felt like kids that day and this added to the excitement. You could see it on the adults faces as well.  Everybody took part in the water fight and it was like we were kids again. A big thanks to everybody that made 2018 Children’s day a huge success. All of the staff at the kindergarten worked hard to create such a wonderful environment for the kids to enjoy this very special day.   


I am already looking forward to next year’s Children’s Day!  

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