Mobile Learning System
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By Liu Xiangui

With the gradual popularity of the “mobile learning system”, recently we also have had a heated discussion on whether we should carry it or not in our school. Undoubtedly, different people have different opinions. As for me, a senior student, I think the “mobile learning system” is definitely welcomed by our students, for it means that we are no longer the prisoners of a single room and that we are allowed to select our teachers for certain courses based on our interests and abilities.


There are a great varieties of reasons why we should carry the “mobile learning system”. Firstly, being exposed to different teachers and diverse teaching styles, we students will be more likely to learn better with the help of their favorite teachers. Moreover, as Confucius said, “Teach students according to their aptitude.” However, the learning model of a single teacher interacting with many students in conventional classrooms forms a passive bottleneck(瓶颈,障碍物). The “mobile learning system” can meet the demands of students of different levels perfectly and let students receive appropriate education according to their levels, which will make every student maximize his development.  What’s more, many teachers also feel that this system is of great help to improve students’ confidence and individual talents.    


As far as I am concerned, there is no doubt that the “mobile learning system” can really arouse students’ interest in learning. But just every coin has two sides,  it will also cause some problems. For example, schools need develop more teaching facilities and more teachers; besides, the management of classes may be not easy. In terms of these possible situations, I’d like to give some suggestions. First of all, it is of a great necessity to offer some instructive guidance to students on how to choose their courses and teachers, which can help students have a better understanding of this system and make wise choices. Besides, specific and effective regulations should be made and all students should be required to follow them, which can help teachers manage their classes.

In all, the “mobile learning system” is a worthy way to improve our learning, and I firmly believe it will bring a positive impact to our educational system.

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