Mental Health
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Class 1 , Senior2    Zhou Huiting(Tina)

Dear teacher and fellow students,

Good morning!

Today my topic is keeping up mental health.

It's known to all that mental health plays a key part in our daily life. Not only will it influence our performance during tests but also have an impact on our work and life. To have a possession of good mental health, some suggestions are listed as follows.

First and most importantly, we ought to have an objective understanding of ourselves,including strengths and weaknesses. Everyone is born imperfect. It's no use complaining about our weaknesses. Instead, what we should do is to accept them and try our utmost to correct them. As for our strengths, make sure that we do make wise use of them and make them become our advantages.

Second, it's vital for us to get our emotions controlled. Actually whether we are capable of mastering our emotions depends on our attitudes and thoughts. As a saying goes, the world is not what we can change, but we are able to change how we look at it. Emotion management doesn't only mean being rational, but also mean having a strong will. When we are faced with great hardship, try to think of the positive side of it, which helps you grow tougher and get over the difficulties as soon as possible. 

What's more, be an outgoing person. It's the intimate relationships with your friends that satisfy our needs for a sense of belonging and safety. So why not learn some interpersonal skills and make more friends? They are definitely the key to making life full of happiness.

To sum up, mental health is not an inborn ability but a state of mind that we can develop with lessons learned. Boys and girls, to live a more fulfilling life, let's take actions to be more positive, optimistic and perseverant!

Thank you!

(指导老师:Liu Xiangui)

 Comments:This speech is well-organized, and it gives some constructive advice. Besides, its language is fluent and very comfortable.

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