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To Treat Study with Sincerity
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----By Sebastian(陈诗翔)from Secondary School Department


As the old saying goes, “A bird which wants to fly high must wave its wings first. A person who wants to improve himself must learn to read”. Lenin also said, “We all have to learn something from our predecessors and peers; we must give ourselves such a task: first, learning; second, learning; third, still learning.” From what they said, we are aware of the importance of learning.


So, how should we treat learning? The answer is: to be sincere. What is sincerity? Sincerity is to be genuine and sincere!


To treat study sincerely, the first thing to do is to be honest!

It’s necessary and important to admit what you know and what you don't know. Being honest towards learning is a basic attitude. President Mao once said, “Knowledge is a matter of science, which should not include the slightest bit of shame or pride. We should always maintain an honest and modest attitude". Therefore, we need to have a heartfelt attitude towards our studies. We should consult our classmates and teachers about difficult problems. Our homework should not be completed by copying others’ work, neither should our exams be carried out by cheating. Instead, we should turn correct attitude towards our learning achievement rather than resorting to deceit! Only in this way can we harvest true academic achievements, and can we effectively grasp and consolidate knowledge.


To treat learning sincerely, diligence and hard work is also of high importance. "There is no other paths but diligence to book mountain, and there is no way to cross the sea of learning but hard work.” This motto tells us that there is no shortcut to learning. The only way to success is diligence and hard work. In fact, no matter whether we are at a junior high school or senior high school, whether we are at home or abroad, learning is never an easy thing. And happiness is only reflected in the results of learning. The joy of learning will be reflected in our hard work. Therefore, if we want to climb the peak of knowledge, to enjoy the joy of learning, we should be patient, diligent and be ahead of the ship, carrying us to the sea of knowledge!


In addition, to treat learning sincerely, we also need to change our attitude towards learning. We need to learn to learn by ourselves, to make the best use of time and plan and arrange it properly. Only in this way can we get twice the result with half the effort.


Dear schoolmates and fellow teachers, aiming to achieve success and harvest happiness, let’s treat our studies with sincere attitude and heartfelt actions accompanied with warm sunshine and fragrance of flowers in the beautiful colorful campus. 

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