An unforgettable experience
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初二2班 徐紫涵

Lots of people have unforgettable experience, so do I.

I remember that eight years ago, a little baby was born. And it was my younger brother. He was lovely and all my family felt happy. And my mum told me why she wanted a second baby. She said, “I don’t want you to feel lonely when your father and I die.”

I liked my brother when he was young, but not now. He is so naughty now. And I had to learn to take care of him.

It was not easy to take good care of such a small baby. My brother could only smile and cry at that time. So when he cried, we couldn’t know what he wanted to do. I learnt to feed him and make him laugh. When he was happy, he smiled sweetly. And that was the best medicine for all my hurt.


When my brother was 1 or 2 years old, he began to speak. It was interesting to listen to him speak.

And when my brother grew older, it seems he doesn’t need me to take care of. But my aunt has a new baby now. It may be another unforgettable experience for me to take care of a baby sister.


Comment: You are a thoughtful sister and you always behave well so that you set a good example for your little brother.


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