Curriculum Introduction of the International Students’ Division
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At International Students’ Division, we fully recognize the challenges inherent in attempts to develop curriculum, instruction, and assessment that respect and meet the learning and developmental needs of International students. We provided customized programs and curricula to balance effective learning practices with good evaluation and prepare International students for top universities worldwide. International students could choose either Chinese university prep-program which offers a strong foundation for future academic study in Chinese universities or International programs which provides internationally accepted educational programs for students around the world from preschool through university.


Which program to choose depends on the International student’s Chinese competency. Students above 8 years old with no or limited foundation of Chinese will be provided with a Chinese Bridging Program. Otherwise, the student can choose whatever program he/she would like to attend.


Ref. No. A - International Students Chinese Bridging Classes (One school year) 

Target students

-  Students under 8 years old will be directly put into the regular Chinese students class, in consideration of their fast learning and acquisition of the second language.

-  Students over 8 years old will be put into the International students Chinese Bridging Class.



1. Develop students’ excellence and skill. Nurture students’ health, elegance, knowledge and unique personalities.

2. Improve students' Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing skills while maintaining their English priority so as to develop their Chinese and English skills simultaneously.

3. Improve students’ level-appropriate math skills.


Course of study

Core courses

Level-appropriate Chinese, English, Mathematics

Experiential subject courses

age-appropriate subject classes auditing

Skill-based courses

computer, PE, music, painting and etc.

Elective courses

reading, calligraphy, martial arts, golf, robot class etc.


Chinese culture course and field trips


Students will receive the tutoring classes to improve their academic result.


Completion of the program

- When the student in the Primary Section complete the 1 year study and has reached the appropriate level set by the school division, he/she will be able to transfer to regular Chinese classes or International program.

- When the student in the Middle School Section complete at lease 1 year study and has passed HSK level 4, he/she will be able to transfer to regular Chinese classes or International program.


Ref. No. B - Regular Chinese Education Program and University Prep-program 

It aims to provide students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 with fundamental knowledge and skills to adapt for the changing future. The students will not only attend Chinese compulsory courses, but also receive featured curriculum to improve their academic skills and further develop their potentials.


Ref. No. C - International Programs

Ref. No.C1 - Bilingual American Griggs International Academy (GIA) Program from grade 1 to 9

Ref. No.C2 - Sino-Canadian Double diploma Program from grade 10 to 12

Ref. No.C3 - AP/CIS Program from grade 10 to 12



Tuition and fees

Tuition and fees information for 2018-2019 academic year

Annual tuition fee for school year 2018-2019


Grade Level





2 years and 6 month - 6 years old preschoolers

¥ 70,000

Primary School

Ref. No. A - International Students Chinese Bridging Class

(Grade 1 to 6)

¥ 66,000

Ref. No. B - Regular Chinese Education Program

¥ 60,000

Ref. No.C1 - Bilingual American GIA Program / Bilingual STREAMS Program

¥ 88,000

Middle School

Ref. No. A - International Students Chinese Bridging Class

(Grade 7 to 9)

¥ 74,000

Ref. No. B - Regular Chinese Education Program

(Grade 7 to 9)

¥ 64,000

Ref. No.C1 - Bilingual American GIA Program

(Grade 7 to 9)

¥ 98,000

High school

Ref. No. B - Chinese University Prep-program 

(Grade 10 to 12)

¥ 66,000 (Grade 10,11)

¥ 68,000 (Grade 12)


Ref. No.C2 - Sino-Canadian Diploma Program (Grade 10 to 12)


¥ 88,000


¥ 98,000


¥ 108,000


Ref. No.C3 - AP/ CIS program

(Grade 10 to 12)



¥ 108,000




Miscellaneous Fees


l Bus transportation (per semester)

¥ 1200 per semester or ¥ 1600 per semester

Daily bus is ¥ 6000 per semester

(The School contracts a bus company to provide optional bus service to and from school. The bus transportation fee applies to those students who register for the bus service. The fee is payable on a semester basis, with costs varying for different routes.)


l Sino-Canadian High School Diploma Program (School will refund when student transfers or graduates)

¥ 2000


Explanation of Fees


l Tuition Fee: The tuition fee varies by grade level and different programs. The tuition fee standard only applies to 2018 Fall enrollment.


l Extra-curricular Events and Trips: In principle, regular extra curricular events and trips have been included in the tuition fee. In case of extra events and trips, the school will review and determine the feasibility and the costs of extra-curricular events and trips based on the events duration and location. Pricing and payment deadlines will be published in advance of each event/trip.


Method of Payment


Kindergarden, primary school and middle school bank account:

Account name:  Guangzhou Huamei International School


Beneficiary Bank: China Merchants Bank Guangzhou Tianhe sub-branch


Account number(账号): 2001 8206 0110 001



International Secondary School Bank* Account:

Account name: Guangzhou Huamei International School


Beneficiary Bank: PingAn Bank Guangzhou Huanshi East Rd. Branch


Account number(账号):1100 7754 2397 02

*Note: Applies to Bilingual American GIA Program(Grade 7 to 9), AP/ CIS program (Grade 10 to 12) and Sino-Canadian Diploma Program (Grade 10 to 12)

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