Keep our mission firmly in mind, remain true to our original aspiration, forge ahead and create prosperity
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--- Message from the Founder of Guangzhou Huamei International School


Glory days, time slipped away.


As the founder of Huamei International School, a myriad of thoughts crowd into my mind. In the milestone phase of our advocating the “Second Stage of Reform and Development”, the school will celebrate its 25th birthday. We began with setting up the school, and now we have developed deeper and beyond the area of education, to the development of a scope of grouping of schools, investment, real-estate and finance etc. We have made great achievement in education as a result of 25 years endeavor.


It’s really impressive to witness such outstanding achievement.


I would like to express my sincere thankfulness and highest respect to the following people: Ms. Xiong Jia, Mr. Liu Sha, Mr. Chen Jinlong and Mr. Ye Liqiang, who have paid great contributions to the establishment and development of Huamei; Dr. Chen Feng, the present school general principal, and his team, who have actively pushed forward the “Second Stage of Reform and Development”; the old and new backbones of the school, all the staff and their families, who are dedicated to Huamei for the past 25 years; all the students, alumni home and abroad and their parents; the experts, governments at all levels and domestic and overseas organizations who have provided important guidance and a lot of support to Huamei.


Success after survival. Huamei has been through a lot.


What is Huamei? We proved that Huamei is a complex of family, school, army and fertile field through 25 years practice. This complex helps create “Huameiers”, “Huamei Education” and “Huamei Group”, and it also explains Huamei’s overcoming all the crisis and difficulties and maintaining vigorous and invincible.


Keep our mission firmly in mind; remain true to our original aspiration.


For the past 25 years, we loved and stayed loyal to the mission of education no matter what situation was. We remained true to our original aspiration that is “excellent, high-end, distinctive, and international” and to “integrate Eastern and Western educational ethos, cultivate Chinese modern elites”. All of those constitute the soul of “Huameiers”, “Huamei Education" and “Huamei Group”.


Forge ahead, create prosperity!


The new chapter of Huamei has been opened. The great cause makes us closely connected and same dream enables us to work hand in hand. In the new era of the great rejuvenation of China, Huameiers will strive in the strategic direction of “building up a high quality school, following the path of internationalization, and developing a solid educational reputation and brand name” continually with a strong sense of mission and responsibility. We will devote ourselves into the “Second Stage of Reform and Development” in order to achieve the goal of “Eight First-Class Standards”, develop the school with first-class brand of “a quality reputable international school rooted in and with Chinese foundation” in a sustainable way, and make major contributions to the vitalization in education and the nation’s bright prospect on the road to revival.


Zhang Keqiang

May 11th, 2018


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