Thank you Huamei
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Yuki Huang 黄雅涵 



When I first walked into this school, I was just a weak first grader. But Huamei makes me grow into a good Junior 1 student. I’m very thankful of school, you give me knowledge, education and healthy.

You are like my mother. In Chinese, we always say that number one is healthy, then the next is education. If you want to realize your expectations, you must be armed with skills and knowledge, use time and resources efficiently and the most importantly have a healthy body. It’s very important to learn about the world we live. Because it is better for us to survive in the world. From now, Huamei had a very good education and living. We have high respective on and hope that in 2018. We can have a better resource on teachers and more. I as a student wish that Huamei will have a better future and very thankful on what the school has done for us.

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