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I would never define myself as a pure science-type of person; in fact, I even believe I shouldn’t pursue an engineering degree in college, but should study music, literature, or even performing. It may sound disoriented; however, I know such divergence is the best demonstration to the image of my own. It is like discovering scattered pieces for solving a puzzle.

For 12 years, Huamei had been such a puzzle solver who built up a chromatic background as my substantial foundation. Time in Huamei, though, ephemeral it was, never stopped inspiring me. If I found something I was not good at doing, I could always choose an alternative path. While I had no whatsoever sport strength, she passed me a music instrument; When I found reciting ancient Chinese passages tedious, she opened a grate to Shakespeare’s glorious realm, igniting my passion towards romantic literatures; when public speaking and performance scared me, she offered me infinite opportunities to overcome such fear and encourage my confidence. I realized that my life in Huamei was kaleidoscopic – no matter which direction I was looking at, I could always find something truly beautiful. All these different paths have made me who I am today, forging me to be unique and special.  

I couldn’t find any vocabulary I possess to express my gratefulness to Huamei, as my one and only puzzle solver. You nurtured me, fostered me, and even enlightened every decision I made for the present days. Now, you are almost 25 and I am almost 20 – we are both young, and we are as vibrant as the uprising sun. I send my best wish to your birthday, wishing you to blossom and burgeon everlastingly.  



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