The love of a leisurely Alma Mater (悠悠母校情)
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Huamei Bond International School is my Alam Mater. She is almost 25-year-old. I wish her a great birthday. Looking backward those 25 years. There were thousands of students graduating from there and studying all over the world such as America, Canada, and Australia.  I was glad to be one of them. In recent, I hadsuccessful graduated from Monash University. These cannot come true without 3 years’ experience in HBIC.  

Our HBIC is different from traditional high school. She is not only providing a high quality and efficiency academic education, but also support lots of activities for students to improve their personal abilities. We were taught with both Chinese and Canadian course. Those were better for us to experience different teaching style and learn various cultures so that we can easily to suit the life and study in western countries.  At the same time, HBIC set up different clubs which like Model United Nation, Music Club and Dance Club. Students can join in those club for communicating and practicing performance with each other so that them can perform a good showcase during activities. The most important thing for them is to increase friendship with each other.

Everything happened during these 3 years like just yesterday. I almost got every honour and award during these times. I was a leader of student union and set up lots of activities. However, when I first time in HBIC, I still remember I was a really shy boy. Those changes cannot without my teachers encouraging and evoking.

The first person stimulated me to become more opening that was Lao Dai. He found me was a shy boy, but with some ideas. He tried to exploit my potentialities and gave me a task. He wanted me to allocate persons to read articles or play music for schoolmates by using broadcast, when they were free in our dormitory. I finished it quickly and efficiency. Lao Dai was really satisfied with it and encouraging me. I was the first time to get a sense of achievement from it. After that, Lao Dai supported me to be a dormitory monitor and join in student union.

After I worked in Student union, there were lots of opportunities for me to improve myself. However, there was an unforgettable task for me. This task was finished by myself from planning to the end and was provided by Xiong Yu Lao Shi. The activities called the Communist Youth League intelligence competition. I prepared questions, PPT, script, awards, and time control. Everything for me was a challenge, but the final performant was really well and kept in next year as well. During these times I found I became more open and improved my organizing, planning and communicating skills.

I was so proud to be a HBIC alumni and thankful for all teachers who encouraged me. Here changed me a lot and witness my growth. I wish HBIC will keep developing and innovating to cultivate more talents. Let more Youth to touch their dreams!



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